Sensei Andrew Carr-Locke

Shotokan Karate : Third Degree Black Belt

Andrew is the Head Coach and Owner of the Dojo. He was awarded his first Black Belt in 1997, and followed with his second degree in 2000 by Kancho Takemasa Okuyama of the International Karate Association. In 2017 he was awarded his third degree by Hanshi Kal Helppi of Genba Karate Association.

After training in traditional martial arts for two decades, he is a former National Champion in Sport karate; He spent six years on the Ontario Provincial Karate Team, two years on the Canadian National Karate Team, and represented Canada at International events such as the Pan American Championships, and International Training Camps.

Andrew is also a recognized coach under the Canadian National Coaching Certification Program and a member of Coaches Ontario Association. He has been developing his unique approach to training and teaching in Leslieville since 2003.

Recently Andrew has been invited by Genba Shotokan Karate Canada to help establish and maintain their high level of quality instruction and programs. Mr. Carr-Locke is now the Ontario Director for the organisation and Vice-President of Genba Canada.

One thought on “Sensei

  1. Kalevi Helppi says:

    I was very impressed by the class I attended on Sunday Feb 5 and felt that you have an excellent grasp of your material and a good lead hand on your kids who as a group, are not easy to teach. Your easy going and inclusive style makes everyone comfortable and this is all complimented by you and Tristan knowing what you’re both doing. Way to go guys.

    Kalevi Helppi 8 Dan, Shotokan Karate-Do
    Burlington ON 905 544-1911

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