Pathway to the Olympics

sport belt lineup

Our Sport Athlete development classes are open to all students 8yrs and over. These classes focus on the techniques and rules of competition and recreational tournament karate. The focus is on developing good sport habits of training and competition. These classes are a fun and safe way to experience the sport of competition karate.

This class also serves to assist in identifying young players who have the potential to further their skills through specialization within an aspect of the sport. As these abilities are developed, students training in these sessions are eligible to participate on the club team and compete in future Ontario Championship tournaments, with the goal of competing for a spot on the provincial team.

These classes are taught by Sensei Andrew Carr-Locke, himself a former National team member and International competitor. Sport karate can be as expensive as any other major sport, and therefore it is important that each athlete have the full support of their family behind them. Time commitments, equipment costs, and tournament entry fees can add up over the course of the year long season.

There are 4 main divisions within the program.

  • Recreational Training – ALL STUDENTS – Athletes will be grouped by age and experience (belt) level. This is the introductory program that coaches all the athletes through the basics of the rules of competition. Fun and game play are the goals for this class.

  • Competitive Introduction- KATA – these classes focus on the forms performance of sport karate. This class is a in depth analysis of what is required in performance competition. Practice of specific Kata and training routines are the main focus of this kind of training. Students will be selected from this group to be part of the Club Team.

  • Competitive Introduction- KUMITE – these training sessions are based on the sport fighting aspect of competition karate. Students are taught the fundamental movements of fighting within the rules of Karate Ontario and Karate Canada. The classes use impact equipment and partner work to develop the sparring skills necessary to compete at the Provincial level. Students will be selected from this group to be part of the Club Team.

  • Competitive Development – INDIVIDUAL – Athletes at this level have already enjoyed some success at the recreational level, and have begun to develop their skills in a competitive manner through the Provincial circuit. The development classes are for current Club Team members. The focus of these classes is to win the Provincial level tournaments and compete at the Canadian National Championships with an effort to make the National Junior or Senior teams. Students from this group may be included on the Karate Ontario team and Karate Canada team.


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